Our Understanding of Sustainability

Sustainability is a big word and there is no consumer guide for sustainable shopping or sustainable living. It doesn't need a manual either. Everyone should decide for themselves where to incorporate sustainable practices and where to reduce the negative impact on our planet. It doesn't take self-imposed perfectionism. It is just important that we take action to conserve resources for our children’s future. And we need to act now. It is high time.

It is time for an honest change in awareness in society. At the moment, the well-being of humans, animals and nature are subordinated to profit maximization in the economy. To be indifferent or to think that an individual cannot change anything or let just others do these changes, does not help at all.

A green lifestyle is no longer a limitation. It's a lot easier than many think. This is exactly where we start with our shop. We want to be your source and inspiration for ecological and fair products. Sustainable products that you can buy with a clear conscience. Sustainable products that you will love, that you like to surround yourself with and that make you feel good. With our carefully selected range of design-oriented products, we help you maintain your green lifestyle over the long term. In addition to sustainability and social standards, we pay attention to style and quality.

Quality Certifications Are Not Everything

Textile and quality certifications can help with the purchase decision. During our label scouting, however, we repeatedly find that it is mainly the small manufacturers who are not certified, although they think and act very ecologically. Often this is because certification costs a lot of money. Many small labels cannot (yet) afford this. All these wonderful labels are still part of the KAUZANA range. KAUZANA only works with manufacturers who provide transparent information about the materials used and their production processes.

Whether your personal green lifestyle includes the recycled designer handbag, the recyceled backpack, organic home textiles, the fair trade storage basket or the vegan natural cosmetics, is entirely your decision. All of our sustainable products are marked with badges. They tell you what ethical properties are associated with it. So you can make your purchase decision according to your principles and save yourself tedious research on the Internet. You will also find a detailed description for each product. 

We send our goods within Germany with GLS Germany 100% climate-neutral. The CO2 emissions caused by parcel transport are offset annually through certified projects.

What our badges tell you


The consequences of plastic are catastrophic for the environment and animals. With plastic-free products, you not only protect flora and fauna, but also your own health. We label products that get by without plastic as "plastic-free" (may not concern the packaging).


In the case of products that are "cruelty-free", animal experiments must not have been carried out or commissioned in any phase of product development. However, products in this category do not necessarily have to be vegan. For example, a cruelty-free cosmetic product may contain honey.


The products in our shop that are labeled "vegan" do not contain any animal ingredients. Vegan cosmetics have not been tested on animals, nor do they use ingredients that have been tested on animals. The cosmetics that you can buy from KAUZANA are not sold in countries that require animal testing by law (e.g. China). Many of our vegan products are PETA certified.

Fair Trade

Sustainable shopping includes working and production conditions. Products that are labeled “Fair Trade” are manufactured under ethical working conditions. The workers are adequately paid. Child labor is a taboo.


Products that have been made entirely or partially from recycled materials bear our “Recycled” badge. By reusing materials, on the one hand, waste is minimized and, on the other hand, the need for new materials is reduced. Both of these lead to a reduction in environmental pollution.

Made in Europe

With products that are marked with the symbol “Made in Europe”, you secure jobs in our own economic region. Many of these products are made in (small) family businesses, with which we support Europe as a production location and local craftsmanship. Please note that single components of these products may have been manufactured in other regions.

Organic raw materials

Organic farming is important for a sustainable value chain. The items marked with this feature contain organic materials, like cotton and responsible forest management. They are often awarded the GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standard), the Oeko-Tex Standard, the FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council), or provide evidence of raw materials from controlled organic cultivation.


When choosing our products, we make sure to include as many items as possible that are manufactured in Europe and require short transportation routes to our warehouse. However, the CO2 badge also shows you products where care is taken to use CO2 sparingly during manufacture or where manufacturers offset its CO2 emissions.