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Fair Trade Bangle, Moonlight Moonstone in Gold Bangle, 16 cm, by a Beautiful Story

Beautiful bangle with symbolism. Moonstone stands for girl power. The gem symbolizes feminine wisdom. A subtle eye-catcher with every outfit. Ideal for a layer look.

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The bangle with the beautiful name Moonlight Moonstone Gold Bangle by a Beautiful Story tells a wonderful story. It is created in great craftsmanship in a small silversmith in Nepal. A Beautiful Story thus secures jobs for women threatened by unemployment.
The pretty bangle made of gold-plated brass with a small moonstone gemstone will accompany you with every outfit and - if you like to believe in symbolism will protect you. The moonstone symbolizes female wisdom. It stands for woman power and reminds you again and again to come into your own strength.
For even more power or simply because it looks super nice, you can combine the Moonlight Moonstone Gold Bangle with other bracelets. You can create a particularly beautiful combination when you use bracelets that match with the Moonlight Moonstone bangle - for example other fair trade jewelry from a Beautiful Story.
The fair trade bangle Moonlight Moonstone in gold is a wonderful gift for pregnancy or childbirth. Or simply a gift to yourself or a loved person.
The social jewelry label a Beautiful Story produces jewelry and gifts that bring good luck. They are lucky tools or lucky charms.

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Material: Gold-plated brass
Gemstone: Moonstone
Color: Gold, white
Symbolism: Woman power
Length: 16 cm

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