Products that do not containany sort of plastics

A heart for animals – products that are not tested on animals

Products free of animal produce

Products produced in Europe

Products that use raw materials from organic farming

Products with a low CO2 impact

Products made entirely or partially from recycled materials

Products that are manufactured under fair working conditions


KAUZANA - The Green Lifestyle Store

KAUZANA - that's us, the twin sisters Marion and Karin. And when a trend-conscious vegan and a passionate animal rights activist team up to make sustainable consumption easily possible, a sustainable online shop with real favorite pieces is born.

KAUZANA is our answer to the problem of global environmental degradation and the cruel exploitation of humans and animals. It is very important to us that more people become conscious consumers. We don't want to condemn consumption as long as people shop with heart and mind. Many may not be aware of the harm they are doing with their consumer behavior. There are so many beautiful, sustainable alternatives. Fortunately, the days of loose and saggy cloths are over. There are fantastic labels today. Searching for and finding these sustainable gems can, however, be time-consuming and laborious. That's why we created the sustainable online shop KAUZANA: Our range includes a loving selection of stylish and high-quality products that are absolutely “ecological” but don't look like ecological. Because, just like you, we like to surround ourselves with beautiful and quality things in life. And, a really good feeling only arises when the products can be bought with a clear conscience.

It is high time we think about our children and grandchildren. We founded KAUZANA to create greater awareness of sustainable products. All products in our sustainable online shop are either fairly produced, plastic-free, vegan, recycled or organic. Our particular favorites are those products that meet all of the properties. To make it easier for you to choose a product, we have marked all products with appropriate badges.

We would be happy if you would join us in our endeavors to make the world a little better. The change is long overdue and we think everyone is called upon to act. In this sense, have fun with sustainable shopping.

Sincerely, Marion & Karin

PS: What does the brand name mean? Kauzana is derived from the term Kausana, which in Quechua, the language of the indigenous people of the Andean highlands, means «vivir» - meaning to live. And that's exactly what it's all about: To make life more livable for everyone on this planet.